This weekend workshop will introduce you to the sequence of strokes which make up the Taoist Erotic Massage, a traditional structure re-envisioned by Juergen Kalb and a key component of the Transformational Tantric Massage system.

The Taoist Erotic Massage is a full-body oil massage which includes flowing strokes with some acupressure stimulation. Traditionally, this massage includes some light genital touch, although this is not the main focus. The sequence of strokes is designed to open the meridians or nadis (energy channels), allowing a free flow of prana (vital life energy). The receiver can expect to experience deep relaxation with a feeling of full-body aliveness, which is a broader definition of ‚erotic‘ and gives the massage its name: Taoist erotic massage.

This workshop is open to couples of all orientations including partnerships of friends who are comfortable sharing intimate touch. You will be working exclusively with your partner for the whole weekend. Personal boundaries will be honoured at all times.

No previous experience of massage is necessary.


Tuition: 450€ for couple, 
Early bird price 395€ payable in full before June 15.

Early booking advisable as numbers are limited.

Accommodation: 140€ for couple; each couple will have a separate room

Vegetarian Meals: 160€ for couple for weekend.

Venue Details:

Haus Gaia: A wonderfull venue in german Ore Mountains providing great space for relaxing and charging new energy and experiences. During your stay you can use Sauna, drink filtered and programmed water and enjoy the nature environment.


Jon and Rose are multi-certified
facilitators who share powerful techniques from ancient and modern
wisdom traditions for eliminating trauma, building resilience,
cultivating alignment and expanding capacity for intimacy and connection
so that individuals and couples can realise their highest potential and
fall in love with life.

This massage was originally taught to Jon and Rose by internationally-renowned modern tantra master John Hawken during their five year apprenticeship with him.

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We look forward to taking this journey with you.