A Valentine’s Tantric Journey for Couples

in English
German&Czech translation possible

Would you like to spend your Valentine weekend dropping deeper into connection with your partner?

The problem with our busy lives is that we often get caught up in the business of living – work, families and other commitments. We want to invest in our couple relationship but either find that other things take priority or are not quite sure how to begin. But just as our physical bodies need nourishing with healthy food, rest and exercise, we also need to nourish our connection.

Come and join us for a weekend retreat devoted to deepening and expanding your capacity for relating. We will do this through a sweet journey of exercises and rituals designed to help you connect with your partner at levels beyond the everyday.


During this weekend retreat you will:

💖 Create a ‚heart bubble‘ so that you can have ‚difficult‘ conversations from the perspective of loving allies, guided safely by Jon and Rose

💖 See and be seen by your partner at the level of the soul

💖 Move energy between heart, sex and spirit

💖 Connect with your partner at the levels of heart, sex and spirit

💖 Create ritual space together

💖 Learn the qualities of conscious and intentional touch

💖 Learn attunement techniques for non-verbal communication in lovemaking



By the end of the weekend, you will have:

💞Re-connected to your partner at the levels of heart, sex and spirit

💞Gifted your relationship the air and space it needs to flourish

💞Acquired tools and techniques that you can carry over into your daily lives to feed your relationship on an ongoing basis


Let’s celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day with a gift that will last long after the flowers and chocolates are distant memories!


The weekend is for you if:

💞You want to prioritise your couple connection

💞You want to learn skills and techniques for establishing safety and heart-connection in your communication

💞 You want to experience more intimacy in your connection

💞You want to re-ignite the erotic spark in your relationship

💞You’d like to learn some Tantric practices that you can play with together at home

The workshop is suitable for couples of all genders and orientations. No previous experience of Tantra is necessary. All exercises are purely invitational – you can participate to whatever level feels comfortable for you (and you will only do the exercises with your own partner). All that is necessary is a willingness to explore what might be possible on a relational level.


Tuition: 390€ for couple

Accommodation: 140€ for couple; each couple will have a separate room

Vegetarian Meals: 160€ for couple for weekend.

Venue Details:
Haus Gaia: A wonderfull venue in german Ore Mountains providing great space for relaxing and charging new energy and experiences. During your stay you can use Sauna, drink filtered and programmed water and enjoy the nature environment.

Your Teachers

Jon and Rose Skelton Pearson are teachers of The Paths of Transformation and served a 5 year apprenticeship with its founder, modern tantra/shamanic master John Hawken. They teach the year-long trainings ‘Lovemaking for Couples’ in the Czech Republic and ‘Sacred Body Passionate Spirit’ in the UK. They are also facilitators for Awaken As Love which combines ModernTantra, Biodanza and Integral Theory.

They operate under the name Find Your Magick and can be found under this name on social media sites and on their website www.shivashaktiembodiedawakening.com

Jon is a psychotherapist, transformational coach, bodyworker, organisational consultant and teacher of yoga and classical/modern tantra with 35 years’ experience of working both with individuals and couples.

Rose has a background in massage and bodywork as well as working with couples from a tantric perspective. She is a qualified Heart In Motion Biodanza teacher.

Together, they have learnt about the challenges of relationship from their own experience of learning to live with each other on a day-to-day basis and know from first-hand experience that a desire to grow together will reap dividends in terms of intimacy and connection.